"Effect Plus" Support Page

"Effect Plus" is Append Intensive line and other comic like effect to your photos application.

"Effecgt Plus" is Full-function version.

"Effecgt Plus Light Edition(LE)" is free edition but some effect option is not support.

*Intensive line - to give an object attention

*Speed line - effect to give sense of speed

*String - Parspective string effect like Japanese comic

*Message - Add lines to picture or commentary

*Stamp - The function that is convenient to cover the part about privacy such as faces

*Enagy wave - Comical enagy wave so you make "Hadoken" or "Makankosappou" photo

[How to use]
First screen picture is a manual of this app. so you can read application manual at start up screen.

fig. First screen : with "How to use" message.

*Take a picture
Take a picture from device's camera / photo library.

If you take picture from application and hold original, please set app config "".

*Append effect layer
One layer supports one effect. If you use plural effects, need same layer to use.
Layer cannot change effect type. if you change effect, delete layer and append new layer you want.

*Set effect
Intensice line, String - Tap picture to set effect point.
Speed line - Drag to set effect vector.
Message - Drag to set message vector. 
Stamp - Drag to set stamp rect.

Other effect parameter can can set tap to config button(iPhone / iPod touch) or left side of screen (iPad).

*Config mask area
"Mask layer" is special layer. select mask layer, and paint area to "Mask".
Masked area is not draw effect if that layer's "Mask enable" property is on.

*Save / Send picture
Tap action button to save picture to your iOS device / send picture to social.

[Version up history]
2013/08/23 First version upload

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