"NPC Memo" App Usage manual and support page

This application can manage multi-character status(Hit point, dice roll, bad status etc.).

How to create new character

Tap [+] button to append character. if you create same status character (ex. mob enemy), you can make character template (see "make template") in [Menu] -> [Tempalte config] menu.

To see character property, tap character cell and select [Property] in pop up menu.
If you append new value / diceroll property, you can do it for property menu screen.

Character property

This screen is show all character status.
*Add new proerpty / config image, tap action button upper-right side.
*To modify value or roll dice, tap cell to configure.
*Status can add action menu, remove it for swipe cell.
*To delete row, swipe the row for show delete button.

Tempalte config

Template config screen can make template (pre-setting character data).

Group config
Character adding current shown group.
You can make / switch group (tap [Menu] button at main menu).

Update history
2012/09/22 Create english version.
2013/02/12 Update
2013/08/22 Move contents to blogger.

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