Virtual TRPG Board app manual and support page

I am sorry for the English user, but the manual of the full version is not yet ready to carry out translation (English is not proficient in an application producer).

Here, I list it in the form of items about a basic operation method and do it with the substitute for manual.

[About this app]
*iMasterScreen is virtual TRPG game board for game master.
*You can put images as character maker(call 'chip/pawn'), text, counter, dice-roll objects.
*You can also setting grid-snap object, background image, free-hand or grid-ruled map.

[App menu]

[Object create / control]

Chip object adding menu

*Menu buttons at lower-left are append object button.
**Tap button and setting property in list. then, tap[create] button, tap point to add object.
**Move object by dragging object.
**If you change object property, you can make it by double tap object.
**You can delete / copy object by double-tap menu([Delete] and [Copy] button at lower of menu).

[How to add chip object]

*'Page' means "a virtual board screen". you can create pages as many as you need.
*'Book' is collected 'Pages'.

*To config page / book, tap "Menu" button to show control menu.

(Version 2.0.2 append) "Copy page"

(Version2.1.0 append) "Gauge"
This object uses for "Hit point" or other value displayed "Current value / Max value".

[Add image tips]
*Pre-installed image size is 40x40 for chip/pawns and 768x960 for background image.
**If you use Retina iPad, 80x80 for chip/pawn and 1536x1920 size instead.

[Toolbar Icon](Version 2.1.0 or later version)

To appen display value to counter object or gauge object, tap[+][-] button aside title bar. Then tap objet to append, then tap [Done] button to end this "Append culc value" mode.

Update : 2013/04/18
For new version 2.1.0 update append
Move contents to blogger.

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